Friday, 2 April 2010

Choosing Books Is No Longer A Dilemma

Howdy ,

I'm actually of that kind of people that you always see around , the sort that goes very hesitant when it comes to chossing or buying new things . " oh what should I take the red shirt or the blue one and then I go and ask my mother and then she says you have to take the red one and then I grow more confused and then I come back after one or two hours with a different green one !! " <<  my mother always goes bananas for that . Whatever , the exact thing happens when I go to the bookstore . I always know nothing about what to choose .. I become really dull for seeing the huge amount of books , I spend alot of time picking up a book then when I go home I find it boring and then it ends up for it on the shelf for dust .
But now , and as my poor shelves have cried out of boredom , I have taken up some new techniques which I take into consideration before buying a book like :

  • If interested in a particular writer , try to go to his/her website and take a look at the books .
  • Some writers recommend great books .
  • Search for book reviews , for they will help a great deal .
  • If you are in a class , a meeting  or something try to catch up and write down the names of the books you hear , for sure there will be some recommended books .

Now , I bet you will feel well organized and satisfied with the results ^_~

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