Friday, 9 April 2010

Having a Day off

I've been tortured both physically and emotionally in my sucked university days << No surprise ! Well , I really.. really don't feel like talking about it .

Having a day off seems weird now as we are nearly at the mid of the term , doesn't it ?.. well one of my teachers has decided to cancel our wednesday meeting and to have us have a long meeting on Monday !! << Taibah University ! Anyways , I feel pretty fatigued for I've been taking alot of classes for so long . besides , not having a day off ... FOR EVER .

And this day off .. is like heaven for me , for I desperately need a break .


Meme said...

i heared that u have two right ????

Beyond Me said...

Yeeeah that's right !!
I soon had them

Don't envy me please :p