Friday, 30 April 2010

London Bridges ; A Book Review

I know that most of you have recognized the title or even the name of the author at a glance , but when I bought it I didn't ..  because I had a story !! ... I was at Jarir the other day , and I was in a crazy rush cuz they were shutting down .. they turned off the lights .. while I was still there between the shelves looking for something and I was like .. I have to take another book ' holding four in hands ' ..  I have to I have to .. and then in the dark I spotted something has London on it ??? << never holds herself back when it comes to London Uuhh .. and Dhaaa bought it << end of the story !

You might also feel " If you know me well " that it's a little awkward for me to read a book of this type .. I mean crime fiction - you know why *giggles* , this was first . Second , I've never done a book review ... Yeah !! so .. Turn a blind eye please ! Anyways , and without too much ado .. here it is ..

London Bridges is a thrilling novel of Pattersons' . It's a sequel to many others where the hero of all was Alex Cross . I don't want to go through the events and details of the story because you are going to read it , But in brief , Cross is an FBI agent ( originally a policeman in Washington D.C) who has been chasing a criminal 'Geoffrey Shafer' Known as Weasel " a filthy rich sadistic person who likes to rape young girls and then kill them by torturing them " he is involved with the Wolf , a former figure of the Russian Mafia  , !! The Wolf demands  , the FBI agents , CIA , and homeland security a ransom , they have to pay it in four days . Otherwise  he is going to explode Britain , France , NY , and DC . To show them he can , he made an explosion in Nevada first and then in two towns in England and Germany killing thousands of people . 

The book was really entertaining and enjoyable . I was turning page after page and going smoothly through the lines , and I actually read it in two days though it's a pretty fat book *whispering* 400 hundred pages ! << oouuuuch ! . It was classified into chapters two or three pages for each which made it really easy and comfortable for read .

I was a bit confused because it was my first read of the adventures of Alex , and it turned out that this book is somehow connected to someone before . Moreover , there were many places and cities mentioned in the story , almost a place in every chapter which made me mix up actually .. I didn't know where exactly each event took place ! Another thing .. I think ... that the end was kinda weak , I was like .. so that's it ? How did that happen ? when was that ?? blah blah .. I needed more explanation and more details .

All in all , a good read book . I enjoyed it so much .


Texan in UAE said...

My daughter loves loves loves to read. She's besides me on her laptop now as I type. I told her, go to beyoned me's blog. ;) She's gonna come here now.

I like reading, but not much in books. LOL I do the net and other stuff. You have such a nice way of writing. Thanks for commenting on my little bitty blog. :) makes me happy. Sis, would you like to join my all sisters Islamic/chat forum? You must be active? LOL it's fun! and you get to meet so many sisters from around the world. FUN! a lot from saudia. <3 Let me know.. email me..

Beyond Me said...

So nice of you . It's such a confidence booster to say that my writing is nice :)

Will be glad to have your lovely daughter .

Will email you soon my dear

Noor said...

Alaykum Salam, ukti Oh I love to read as well and always have. This is not the type I would buy really like you but thats good you ended up liking it lol :)

Beyond Me said...

Oh yes , it's been a nice experience :)