Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Me At The Museum Part ~ 1 ~

Few weeks ago , I had a visit to Sheikh Salama museum for heritage here in Medinah . Dady took me with my brothers and we spent almost all the day there . The trip was really treasured . I was introduced to many stuff I never knew or even heared of ! I took maybe a thousand pictures and bought a couple of books . The place was old and very dusty !!!!!!!!!! but it has marvelous stuff that belong to hundred years . I had so much fun .. and thought I could share you guys a few pictures :)

( The caption will be above each picture )


The Rawasheen ( wooden windows ) .. which is something very special about Hijaz ( western Province ) especially in Medinah .


This chair is known as Merkaz

 These boxes were like .. hmmm .. maybe like closets or something , for they kept their clothes in .
Called Sahara ( stress on H ) :D :D

This is called Shidad or Shugdof << had a tough time pronouncing it !!
It's what they put over camels . 

A very old musical instrument that was used by bedouins
Its voice annoys me so much. However , people just adore it and still play it till today .

Where we burn Bakhoor .. fragment woodchips
It's pretty huge :D


Coal Iron
I think this is imported .
They put hot coal inside it and do their clothes with it !!! << I would have stayed without Ironing !!!!!!!


Sewing machine

Women's clothing


Jewelries and accessories 

 I can't believe how they managed wearing these ... they look too heavy !


Banajer .. as known here :)

We call them Khulkhal or Hejl

This is what they used to cover their faces with

very nice :) 

Women's bags and Burga's .. on the left 

 ( Right ) Egal this is what men wore over their Shimagh or Ghutra on their heads .

More bags 


 Combs !! 


 Saudi costumes
Thobe , Ghutra , Egal , and the bullets belt Mehzam .



What they used to wear in wars 
It's all iron and lead

 Men so much like these rings , they still wear them so far .




Cupping tools

Has anyone ever tried cupping ??
I never had , but always felt sick when my father has it .. OMG  


Weapons .. swords and shields
My brothers went insane for these :D


Whew !

Done for now .. hope you found this interesting ^_^ 
Part 2 is going to be about utensils .. I'll be postin' it soon Insha'Allah :)



Noor said...

Asalam Alaykum, your right I LOVE IT. MashAllah so much culture. I love old things like that. I bet you all had so much fun.

lola said...

I enjoy watching and reading about your visit...we want the second part as fast as you can....please?

Shuaib Suria AHEALTH said...

Salams Sister

Came across your post searching for 'cupping' and I am pleasantly surprised to see these old cupping tools still preserved in the museum.

And the reason for my search is I am myself very interested in this ancient alternative therapy, so much so that I now run a blog on the subject www.ahealth.co.uk for the past couple of years.

If, at some point, you (or rather your father!) can help contribute a guest blog post about his cupping experiences on our blog, that would be really great.

And in the meantime, if you can give me permission to save the above pictures of the cupping tools to perhaps use in future, again that would be most appreciated.

Shukran & Salams


Beyond Me said...

Noor ,
Alhamdulillah you loved it .

Lola ,
Soon insha'Allah my dear .

Sure , feel free to take them , added some cuz I found to be more helpful .

I tried to go to www.ahealth.co.uk but it didn't work , I don't know why !!! can you write it again please .. maybe a spelling mistake or something !!

And BTW , the owner of the museum is a specialist in cupping .. you know all the people here in Medinah go to be cupped by him .. This is his website with the emil and all the stuff that might help you out ..


Good luck :)

And thank y'll for your visit .

Texan in UAE said...

wow! very nice! I love stuff like this. So much history. :)

Amira said...

wow this stuff is pretty cool!

Beyond Me said...

Texan & Amira .. thank you dears for your comments ..

Happy you liked it ..