Monday, 3 May 2010

My Guilty Pleasure ~1~

Do you know anybody on Earth who doesn't like Pepsi???
Very few maybe .. and lucky them!

For me , Pepsi is being a temptation .. an addiction that I pray to Allah every day to rid me of . I've been struggling for ever to quit drinking it and I actually did . I haven't drunk it for seven years !!

But now , apparantly I'm back , and I'm feeling horrible .
I felt so awful about myself for doing so during the previous few months ..
It's ruinin' every thing , my bones , my teeth , my stomach and even my apetite !!
But I luv it .. I luv it so hard :( :( 

So , what I did with this pepsi is that I used it as a reward for myself .. a treat , as I do sometimes with chocolates . If I was a good girl ; Homework done .. room clean .. laundry done .. books read .. missions completed and all kinds of duty just fulfilled ..... then

I deserve a can .. but this can doesn't happen every day by the way ..
once in ten days or two weeks at maximum ( in HOPES .. big hopes that I gradually leave it )

Doing this I can fulfill my desires and stay healthy as well ( a little bit ) :D
It makes sense , doesn't it ??

OH ..P.S. Please pray for my brother to quit it .. it's so ruining his heath :( 


Noor said...

Aslaam Alaykum, Oh I am like this with coke it feels like such a treat to me, lol. My husband HATES that I drink and always complains about it. I try to not keep it in the house anymore and just ask for some here and then.

Beyond Me said...

Good of you that you try not to keep it around .. it's temptation , believe me !!!

soso said...


ابد اعتي بالكتابة أسلوب جميل
فعلا محظوظين ( ) الذين لا يشربون البيبسي
But I luve it .. I luv it so hard :( :(

الحب ومايسسوي>>هههه<< حاولي تكرهينه عششان أضراره>>طيب انصحي نفسك أول<<

in HOPES .. big hopes that I gradually leave it )

يااااارب انك تخلصها من أدمن البيبسى وتصير (بنوته صحية) وتشرب (.. ..... أسوي دعاية)(خلاص أقولك اسم العصير الطازج)>>>عششان مااسوي دعاية>>ههههه
وموضوع يهم الجميييع ( ومنهم أختك سوسو لأنها مدمنه )و اعتقد أدمني سبب من اربح شركه بيبسي

يا الله ...قهر...تركت البيبسي وبعدين عادتي للإدمان ...حاولي من الآن لان! تكون عندك عزيمة اقوي

دعواتي الصدقة لكٍ لك أختي ولي ولجميع احبائنا<<بترك البيبسي لأنك كم ذاكرتي إضراره

H ..P.S. Please pray for my brother to quit it .. it's so ruining his heath :(

يااارب ياكريم تخلي اخوي (برهوم )يترك البيبسي عششان صحته وتحفظه لـ أهلها ونشوفها احسسن شاب بالعالم

Beyond Me said...

You are so sweet So So *Hugs *

I know exactly how addict you are to this product !

Ammeeeen Yarab الله يسمع منك يآقلبي

Overwhelmed my dear . Thank you :)

Texan in UAE said...

Ahhhh I love Pepsi max. LOL But, I am not addicted. I don't bring it in my house. I pray you stop! it's so bad for us. :(

White Freedom said...

i love Pepsi ..but if someone tell me leave it ......}
i can't do it ^_^

Meme said...

A3shaq alpepsi more then any thing i cant stop it ma a8dar

Beyond Me said...

White Freedom & Meme ,,

I do too , but we need to stop it !

IamSilla said...

me toooo!!!! but with coke -_-

especially wen im in da hostel,

i bought 2 big bottles of cake n

finish it in a day,

alhamdulillah now i manage to

control myself, nice blog bdw

Beyond Me said...

Hi Silla ,
OMG , two in a day !!!that's completely going to ruin your health in a row !!
You're in charge now ;)
Thanks , I'm glad to have you BTW

IamSilla said...

yeaaaah, wallahi its reaally sick to do dat, its like a suicide but in a way of drinking coke, to tell u da truth i did it every week. alhamdulillah manage to control my addiction, dont want to get diabetic in a very young age

Beyond Me said...

Exactly as if you're killing yourself slowly !
Diabetic .. Allah forbid !!