Wednesday, 26 May 2010

My Literary Criticism Project . Whew !

Salams everybody ,
Hope you are all doing very well :)

I was so excited to post this yesterday when I came home from the university , but unfortunately I couldn't because I just fell asleep on the couch while I was eating my lunch :D :D .. my brother took me to my bed and thus I spent the whole day sleeping !!

Yesterday , I finally handed in my literary criticism research and did the presentation , and guess what .. I didn't crack << Yaaay . I was going through a rough patch the last couple of weeks doing this research .. it was really tiring . 

I did something about the Saudi food and ancient utensils . I very briefly tackled food and the most important meals in some regions in Saudi Arabia showing how the food in this country is very diverse as well as the other aspects of life . I mentioned that I chose to talk about this topic because food is very dear and near to people's hearts .. I mean every body loves food , right ?? food has something very attractive about it .. people easily get to know each other through food .

However , I was so afraid my professor wouldn't like it , but alhamdulillah she thought that it was a very interesting topic . Anyways , I am so so relieved I'm done with it .

Now Pictures :D

This is what I used to do my presentation .. a newspaper as you can see . I wrote about the interviews I made with some old ladies versed in the matter .

Did you see the basket ??? :D :D

This is the thing that just got my friends waaaaaaaay pissed off ! Because I didn't take it with me .. I mean I have prepared it and put some of the most delicious Saudi dessert inside the small baskets , but I didn't take it ( Please don't ask )

Arwa just kept saying " You are really irritating me ".. quiet for a moment and then cries " I have all the right to murder you .. I can't believe you " Another one said " you must be kidding " I said "No" then she screamed " WHAT are you insane ?? are you insane ?
Hahaha .. sorry buddies :)


lola said...

congratiolation you can sleep for a week............................( Please don't ask )...............
Why?what is your reason it will be our secret I will not tell anybody I give you my word?

Beyond Me said...

Thank you lola ,, Yeah I slept like a baby yesterday :p

Promise it'll be a secret !