Sunday, 2 May 2010

Oh .. Interesting !

I have always come across such terms like Double consciousness and Twoness while surfing the Internet or  reading , and I was kinda attracted to them cuz they really sounded .... Hummm important maybe !!

I've read a little here and there about them , but I didn't feel as excited as today . I haven't realized how interesting this area is till our proffessor tackled it today in our poetry class . The class was about ethnic poetry , she started to draw circles and stuff on the board while she went on explaining , and I knew that I looked really dull from the way Dr.Hadeer looked at me LOL .. I'm sure my eyes were wide opened as well as my mouth !!!!!

Knowing that so many people had more than one identity is nothing new for me , nor is the fact that they might struggled to gain a balanced life ,  but I haven't really thought ( Don't ask me why cuz I don't have a clue .. truely! )  how this might bring them such knowledge and openness to the world , sometimes much more than the others ..

Alot of names were jumping into my head .. Khalil Jibran and Khalil Mutran , Suheir Hammad , Diana Abu Jaber , Malcolm X , Martin Luther King and many others .. and I was like.. hey these people really pulled off !!

For a moment , I thought ,, why don't I have this double consciousness ? why ???
However , I was quite satisfied at the end when she said that people who learn languages besides their mother tongue are more opened and educated cuz they are more exposed to more than one culture << Yaaaay :D

Au revoir ^_^

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