Friday, 28 May 2010

Should I Kill myself ?

Good is bad ?
Right is wrong !?
Weird is normal !!

I think that life is just really hard , complex , and strange to be figured out , isn't it ? . I mean everything just keeps going the wrong way , everything is getting worse rather than better , people tend to use the sneaky ways way more than the direct ones , people aren't ready to do anything for the sake of doing it unless they'll be gainin' a benefit out of it .. and it really happens that people think you are a kind of freak or something when you just don't do the stuff  that they do , OR you just do the things that you are on the habit of doing  . I keep asking myself .. what is goin' on with these people ??  what is wrong ?? and sometimes I just look at the mirror and say  are you positive you are doing the right things ??????????? Well I believe that if you just get yourself upside down .. life will be of a great sense for you !!

To make it clear , I'll give you just one little tiny example of the things from the real life that gets me pissed off .... Cheating Yup yup CHEATING .. The girls at the university get shocked when they learn that I don't cheat ( Alhamdulillah ) you are selfish they say and they think I'm the freakin weirdo around here !!! I'm just a person of principles .. and I'll never give them up .. I believe that cheating is something wrong , unaccepted , disgusting , and forbidden in Islam !!!!!!! and I'm sure that people know it very well . However they do it , they invent and create and plan for CHEATING .. the girls spend their times in preparing to cheating rather than studying !!

Ughh .. I'm sorry I blabbed a lot .. I'm just being provoked and so nervous on this grounds besides that this subject is the one that really gets the best out of my nerves and makes me lose my temper indeed .

P.S. What I say never applies to all this is for sure .
P.P.S. I'm not judging specific people around here .. I just don't like what these people do ! 

 Final whisper

“All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.”
Winston Churchill


Fadiosis said...
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Fadiosis said...

I love this post. Quite expressive. Let me tell you this, you hate cheating, well if you come here -and I think pretty much every univ. in KSA- you'll be surprised by the way people not only cheating, but paying docs for exam papers, leaking the final questions, or some times -which is the cheapest- start an ass-kissing quest!!!

Let me tell you this, my friend never got to study medicine in KAU coz she didn't kiss-ass hard enough. I failed pharma for the same reason. Though it's 7aram as you said, disgusting, annoying, parasite-like, but I think the type you're talking about is the least-infuriating.

Keep holding on to those principles. May Allah strengthen all of us

اللهم أرنا الحق حقا و ارزقنا اتباعه
و أرنا الباطل باطلا و ارزقنا اجتنابه

Amazing post. :)

Beyond Me said...

آآمين يآرب

And I'm really sorry you failed for such a reason must have been very irritating and unfair :(

الله يعوضكم عنها درجات أعلى بالجنة إن شآء الله

I know those types of people do exist ,
and I've seen the leaking questions thing many times and felt so sick then , but what can we do ?? we can't complain nor can't we sue anybody , can we ?

I think that we just need to give our best and leave it 3la rab al3alameen :)

lola said...

I don't know what to say..but I am shocked that there are girls from Al-Tahfeez, they are excellent girls and they study so hard but they cheat and when they don't take the full mark they turn to mad.......shocked......cheating>>stupid behaviour for a wise man..

Beyond Me said...

Hi Lola ,
They are pathetic my dear more than stupid . wish you could see the bunch of losers that sat behind me yesterday at the education exam .. OMG I felt like throwing them with a shoe , a pen , a bottle of water !!
grrr hate cheating !!