Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Things Happen When Not Planned !

Hey guys ,
Today , my visit to Jarir was treasured . As you can see I bought many interesting fat books ..

  1. Plain Truth By Jodi Picoult
  2. The Time traveler's wife by Audrey Niffenegger .
  3. Markus Zusak's The Book Thief .
  4. If I should Speak By Umm Zakiyyah .
  5. Dr.A'id al-Qarni's You Can Be The Happiest Woman In The World .
  6. The last one is an Arabic book (A collection of Jibran's ) روائع جبران .

The funny Thing about this is that when I went to the bookstore this morning I bore in mind that I'm not going to go to buy any book ( I mean fiction and stuff .. ) cuz I really need to focus on my study , and my MAIN and I repeat my main aim of visiting Jarir was to buy books for my Literary Criticism research ,, something about Saudi Folklore , and I didn't find any book .. not a single one about the topic I chose to tackle , I was so frustrated .. so I headed to the fiction section , then the Islamic section and came up with these six .. and with ZERO research books !!

It happened anyways !!

About my books .. I know that most of you will say OMG where have you been living if you didn't read these so far ? But I really need you to bear in mind that my English is still very simple and humble besides the fact that I never had the courage to buy such fat books with a quite sophisticated  language , for I didn't want to get myself down or feel upset and quit reading for ever ! But I've been brave the last couple of times and I made this huge step . 

so ,wish me luck ^_^


Fadiosis said...

heeey, i love trips to jareer.. i say trips cause they consume so much, they're long.. and they need a previous plan :p.. thus, i shall call them trips not visits.

anyhow, i never read these books before... i think i should read them :P.. once i finish the huge pack i have..

the second thing is, honey when u write this good, then you sure as hell that u read better.. u're just afraid of holding a book that's big and not finishing it..

i tell u what, if u haven't started anything, do as i did..

u start with very famous novel that u've read in arabic like for example, jane eyre, or little women, anything, and read the reduced edition in english.. easy un-sophisticated english...
with time u'll read the most difficult things ever... u'd be surprised with how fast your progress will be :D.. enjoy ur time with these books..

Beyond Me said...

Hi you ,

OMG .. we have lots in common , don't we ? I spend two hours at minimum at Jarir and usually go with a plan .. a huge paper with a shockin' list of books :D :D

Yeah , Simplified editions . it's a great tip .. I did that a dozen of times , and they actually helped me a great deal when I first started reading .. but the problem is that I get so frustrated so fast when I go through few pages without getting the idea clearly owing to my lack of vocab .. and it's a nightmare .. a nightmare when I hold the book I want to read in one hand and the dictionary in the other !!! Imagine

Anyways , I'm doing great now and my vocabulary is so improving alhamdulillah :)

This was the best advice any one can give me .. Thanks :)

Fadiosis said...

I know, but here's the thing.. sometimes I used to open google translator while reading :p.. so i won't miss a word...

umm... now my friend gave me the dictionary and installed it in my mobile.. I hope your mobile is Sony Ericsson but I think the application works for any other brand... I'm not so sure though..
give it a try, it's an amazing application, next time you'll hold your mobile not your dictionary :)

Beyond Me said...

Oh .. Thanks alot Fadiosis *Hugs*
It's not a Sony .. but I'll give it a try :)

Anonymous said...

Niceee! I wanna read The time traveler's wife.. but i had no idea it was this fat :P Thanks for the pic, now i know!
hehe.. All the best with your research!

P.s- You have a nice blog :)

Beyond Me said...

The Splendid Sky ,
It is fat , but it was very recommended . I think there is a movie based on it .. if would like to watch it << The easy way :p

Thanks sis :)

Ian said...

Good selection! I usually come back with a big pile of books from every trip to Muscat, and I've just read two of those books you've bought. The Book Thief is excellent.

Beyond Me said...

Thank you ,

The book thief was very recommended , I'm so excited to read it :)