Friday, 25 June 2010

Conceptualize or Be Misconceptualized !

! Updates !

Maybe around a month and a half ago ' can't precisely remember ' I attended a lecture for my Literature Professor Dr.Hadeer . The lecture was titled ‘Rewriting of “self” in Arab American Women Literature’ . It was in Arabic , so this makes it (أشعار المرأة العربية في المهجر , الجذور وإعادة كتابة الذات) you can check it out Here . I pointed out to the same topic in an earlier post anyhow .

The professor introduced us to many outstanding Arab American poetess and writers with their most prominent works . Write or be written was the quote she mentioned by Barbra Nimri Aziz as she went further and explained what it meant .. ' If you didn't write about yourself what you desire other people to learn then you can't get upset when someone writes what you dislike to be known about you' .

What I came up with is that the write or be written thing is something that can be applied to everything in our lives , not only to writing but even to our way of talking , dressing , dealing with people .. if we don't do it properly , we'll be giving people chances to say anything they want about us !!! and personally , to tell you the truth , I haven't thought I would write about such a thing , but it was always there , you know when you have this idea that sticks to your head all the time .. this one was of the most prevailing for me , and the only reason why I am telling all these stuff now is that some freakin people kinda got on my nerves today << how surprising !

I was browsing through You tube , and I was really really shocked to see those enormous vids that the only thing they've been doing is giving complete inappropriate wrong false ideas about Saudis !! Most of them were made by foreigners , but you know what , they aren't to blame because what shocked me the most is that some of these videos are made by Saudis !! all the way I went I was like ' come on guys , seriously , either you say good decent things or you shut the hell up' !! I'm not saying that Saudis are perfect .. it's just that we don't want to have these misconceptions !!!!  I saw people who are just portraying Saudis as ' hamaj +  mota5allefeen + ignorant and shallow ' by all standards !! Till now , I only happened to see a very few (as compared to others) people who gave clear honest pictures of who the Saudis really are .. well , the good news is most of these are simply façade !!!!

I have also come across this which really warmed my heart . It doesn't have anything to do with the Saudis thing whatsoever , but it provides a very good example of Write or be written .


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Life , Can I Have A Me Time Please ?

Meditating .. contemplating .. pondering over .. uughh what is the word ?? Can't tell , apparantly I'm just too tired to even think of an appropriate word to use . Anyway , I was 'looking carefully' at myself at the mirror the other day , and to tell you the truth , I didn't like what I saw . I saw a pale face which is just turning into a ' terrible fish ' , wide black circles around my TIRED eyes , and acnes have covered my cheeks . My hair was a mess , my hands peeling , and I lost a lot of weight . Not to mention the migraine , neck/backache that kept me wide awake the whole nights . In brief , I'm having a physical mental brain functional emotional BREAKDOWN !! and I know how miserable and finished I sound , but never mind me .. I only happened to be  (1) a CRUSHED senior (2) a hard worker (3) an idiot who is trying to fix the world (4) and suck me !! It's ok .. I'm cool .. I survived !!

So , to get 'ME' back on track , I thought I could have 'Me time' , you know what this means .. it means that every thing has to be about and for ME .. only ME and HELL to the world !! yes sometime when I spoil myself , indulge , and enjoy the luxuries of life . The only things that I've been consumed with since I had my last exam - well , even when I was having exams - are how many DAYS I should sleep , and to which salon I must go , where I can have a great massage , and which malls I should be visting , and what the books I have to read are ,, and God how can I get into this ????

Now , off to bath and then sleep .. wake me up on Saturday !

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Me At The Museum ~ The sequel ~

Hey everyone ,

Here is part 2 of my journey as I promised . So so sorry for the late .. I had some issues with my laptop :) Anyways ..
Enjoy it ^_^

 ( The caption will be above each picture )

Will start with the  Dandurma
Which I liked the most .. a tool for making ice cream :D

Hawand or Madag
for grinding grains , coffee beans , and wheat

 A new Hawand

It's another 'tool' I can say for grinding stuff .. just like the latter

 Made me realize how easy our lives are !!

Come in sizes :D

For keeping water


And Hawd


For heating water

Ok now my favourite part
Coffee utensils

This is Mehmas
For roasting coffee beans.. a long spoon comes with it .

It's made this way

Another type of Mehmas
It's also used for cooking coffee


Who doesn't know it ?
and doesn't coffee taste soo good when made in these ??!!

For keeping coffee cups

Not a huge pot !!
Oh look .. it has my letter on it :D

More pots


These are more utensils but they were made later
My grandmas use them :)

And now .. the biggest surprise for the most ancient stuff

Pepsi !!!!!!

:D :D

:D :D


Have a blessed day you all :)

Monday, 7 June 2010

Rainy soundtrack .. Rainy Mood

I had a soundtrack for the blog .. It doesn't really go with the template , but I soo liked it :) Isn't the sound of rain just soo relaxing ?? !! I am so in luv with it .. as if it was my life's :)

Sunday, 6 June 2010


Today I have got a confession to make .. Yep a confession about me being a very troubled young lady << please don't feel sorry for me :( It's a fact that I'v been dealing with for a long time , ruined my life , took away my enjoyments , stressed me out , and always got the best out of my nerves .. Ladies and gentlemen , may I present to you my OCD !!

Yes , I have OCD and I'm not proud . I can tell you how much it sucks to be OCDed . I'm a very very very picky person by nature , and havin' the OCD just made everything hell worse for me !! Ughhh I always drive my mother crazy while in the kitchen because I have to clean everything .. I take three hours to make a salad because I need to wash the vegetables with soap a dozen of time !!

My friends think I'm nuts for I keep a bottle of liquid soap in my bag , I have two kinds of sanitizers , Dettol wipes , and a Dettol liquid in my locker .. yeah .. Dettol is like my best loyal friend , I use it in almost every thing . When I take a shower I wash my body first with Dettol . I wash my clothes with Dettol , and it's impossible for me to clean anything without using Dettol . I had times when I couldn't touch anything , not a single thing even if it was mine .. my mobile , my books or anything that I could imagine to have germs or bacteria .

I also have a crazy weird stuff .. SOCKS I really have an issue with socks << awkward huh ? I can't stand staying with a pair of socks for more than two hours , and at the university because I walk a lot , my socks get a lot of dust and stuff and I just feel sick when I spot them , so I started to keep extra socks in my school bag & in my locker so I can change when ever I want ! See ?

And here is one thing more. My OCD is not only with cleanness , it's almost with everything . For example , I get extremely distracted in my classes when a teacher writes a leaning line or misspell a word .. I keep thinking of that wrong letter and how can I make that line straight < get me waaay nervous at times !! Anyways , I'm workin so hard to overcome it .. it's not easy at all I know , but I'll keep going in hopes of a little change and .. fingers crossed  !!

Hmmm , I think that's it for my little bitty pathetic life xD what about you ? Has anyone had any stories with OCD ? I'll be so excited to have you in the club ;)

Saturday, 5 June 2010

My Crazy French Whims

I wish to ..


Live a day in Paris

 Please let me go there please ..


Have a Ladurée

I want that macaroon soooo badly .. I want to cry :'(


Look like a French gal , with a beret


Visit this ..


Learn French

Thursday, 3 June 2010

My Stuff .. Apology Letters

Dear Room ,
I know that you lately seemed as if you were hit by a magnitude earthquake .. Please forgive me for the filthy messy situation I've been puttin' you in . Sorry for the heaps and heaps of books and papers .. for the coffee mugs that piled on my desk and my nightstand . Sorry for the clothes scattered everywhere .. and for the messy closet and drawers ..
I promise .. I'll make it up for you :)

My Lovely School Bag ,
I have no idea how big the sorry should be .I've been carrying all my desk and the whole room inside you . Forgive me for makin' a trash out of you .. I know how insulting this was for you since we are buddies for six years .. you've been with me the whole days and you know how much I get stuck with every thing ..

My Darling Printer ,
Though I was so upset and mad at you when you swallowed my papers .. and when you quit working the night before handing my homework .. I'm sorry .. I understand that it's been too much on you .. I apologize and ask you to please be back ..

My Lovely Email ,
A big sorry for you dear .. sorry for over working you only for my personal services and homework . Sorry for not taking a good care of you .. I promise I will put you in a very good use .. don't worry :)

My Sweet Sweet Pillow ,
Big huge sorries go for you .. I know how much you miss me .. I understand that you are bored to death and so annoyed by the papers and books gathered around you and beneath you .. I promise that I'll be with you for the whole day very soon :)

Sincerely Yours

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Don't worry Israel .. you'll have it back one day ..

 وَ اللهُ يُمْهِلْ وَلاْ يٌهْمِلْ