Friday, 25 June 2010

Conceptualize or Be Misconceptualized !

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Maybe around a month and a half ago ' can't precisely remember ' I attended a lecture for my Literature Professor Dr.Hadeer . The lecture was titled ‘Rewriting of “self” in Arab American Women Literature’ . It was in Arabic , so this makes it (أشعار المرأة العربية في المهجر , الجذور وإعادة كتابة الذات) you can check it out Here . I pointed out to the same topic in an earlier post anyhow .

The professor introduced us to many outstanding Arab American poetess and writers with their most prominent works . Write or be written was the quote she mentioned by Barbra Nimri Aziz as she went further and explained what it meant .. ' If you didn't write about yourself what you desire other people to learn then you can't get upset when someone writes what you dislike to be known about you' .

What I came up with is that the write or be written thing is something that can be applied to everything in our lives , not only to writing but even to our way of talking , dressing , dealing with people .. if we don't do it properly , we'll be giving people chances to say anything they want about us !!! and personally , to tell you the truth , I haven't thought I would write about such a thing , but it was always there , you know when you have this idea that sticks to your head all the time .. this one was of the most prevailing for me , and the only reason why I am telling all these stuff now is that some freakin people kinda got on my nerves today << how surprising !

I was browsing through You tube , and I was really really shocked to see those enormous vids that the only thing they've been doing is giving complete inappropriate wrong false ideas about Saudis !! Most of them were made by foreigners , but you know what , they aren't to blame because what shocked me the most is that some of these videos are made by Saudis !! all the way I went I was like ' come on guys , seriously , either you say good decent things or you shut the hell up' !! I'm not saying that Saudis are perfect .. it's just that we don't want to have these misconceptions !!!!  I saw people who are just portraying Saudis as ' hamaj +  mota5allefeen + ignorant and shallow ' by all standards !! Till now , I only happened to see a very few (as compared to others) people who gave clear honest pictures of who the Saudis really are .. well , the good news is most of these are simply façade !!!!

I have also come across this which really warmed my heart . It doesn't have anything to do with the Saudis thing whatsoever , but it provides a very good example of Write or be written .



Fadiosis said...

Amazing post. True sometimes we shouldn't blame others -whoever (others) might be- when they judge us, but I think it's partially their job to not to be so prejudicial in the first place.

Anyhow, I totally agree that the beginning of all misunderstanding and all misconception is from those angry Saudi people who hold too much hatred and grudge or even sometimes being so stupid and in awe of whatever they saw when they left KSA and that -as a reaction- changed them and changed their conception of mother land and then -out nowhere- they started to speak of the only the worst things in the country.

Which I believe are not the worst, but as a Saudi person compares to the new place s/he's in, they might as well reach a point where they don't value things correctly and precisely and most importantly, relevantly.

Sorry for the long comment, I guess I got carried away.

Beyond Me said...

Masha'allah .. just like what your friends say 'a critic and an analyst by nature' Fadio :)

Sometimes these people are blown away to the point that they forget how it used to be when they were in their country .. sometimes they are 'misled' or simply IGNORANT !!

Luv your comment ^.^

Fadiosis said...

Heheeee, which one of my friends said that I'm a critic :S ??? xD

thanks darling always happy to give pleasant comments :D

Beyond Me said...

Ummm .. Can't really remember .. maybe Ohood :D
I'll go check the post !

Beyond Me said...

Oooops I was wrong .
It was 'boonaag' in resisting the power post ;)

Fadiosis said...

aren't you awesome xD???

Beyond Me said...

Am I ?????

Fadiosis said...

oui :D

Beyond Me said...

:D :D
I think I freaked you out ,didn't I ??

Fadiosis said...

Hell NO!!! I have a weak memory for the near events :p.. I like yours.. Hehheee... p.s. don't sleep, I'll post something in few minutes :P

and if u r tweeting add me ( i hate the word follow), search for Fadiosis

Beyond Me said...

I have one hell of a goldfish memory , but there are some special stuff that kinda stick to my head ;)

Oh noo , I don't tweet , don't have a twitter account !!!!!!!!

Fadiosis said...

hey just posted my post....

sorry I'm late.. :\

Beyond Me said...

've just read it ;)
Sorry I'm late too :)

Shahirah Elaiza said...

Salam =) Write or be written - I totally agree!

We have to stand up for who we are and for the truth. People can write and say whatever they want but we can also use our words and kindness to set a good example and straighten out the facts.

Beyond Me said...

Exactly , that's what we should be doing .