Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Me At The Museum ~ The sequel ~

Hey everyone ,

Here is part 2 of my journey as I promised . So so sorry for the late .. I had some issues with my laptop :) Anyways ..
Enjoy it ^_^

 ( The caption will be above each picture )

Will start with the  Dandurma
Which I liked the most .. a tool for making ice cream :D

Hawand or Madag
for grinding grains , coffee beans , and wheat

 A new Hawand

It's another 'tool' I can say for grinding stuff .. just like the latter

 Made me realize how easy our lives are !!

Come in sizes :D

For keeping water


And Hawd


For heating water

Ok now my favourite part
Coffee utensils

This is Mehmas
For roasting coffee beans.. a long spoon comes with it .

It's made this way

Another type of Mehmas
It's also used for cooking coffee


Who doesn't know it ?
and doesn't coffee taste soo good when made in these ??!!

For keeping coffee cups

Not a huge pot !!
Oh look .. it has my letter on it :D

More pots


These are more utensils but they were made later
My grandmas use them :)

And now .. the biggest surprise for the most ancient stuff

Pepsi !!!!!!

:D :D

:D :D


Have a blessed day you all :)


lola said...

I cann't imagine that they had pepsi......shocked

Fadiosis said...

the second one from the last is the one that touched my heart the most.

i never felt nostalgic for pots except for those...

Beyond Me said...

Yup .. they had . I have a picture of some guys you know old guys !! drinking Pepsi .. If you would like to see it as an improve :P :P

Fadio .. yeah me too :)
I like to eat in these stuff when I visit my grandma ^_^

Fadiosis said...

Hi again, I just heard the clip you posted here... rain huh? you have no idea how charming your blog is right now :)...

Beyond Me said...

Awww,thanks Fadio ^^

Meme said...

is there part three??i want more

Beyond Me said...

Maybe !!!!