Thursday, 3 June 2010

My Stuff .. Apology Letters

Dear Room ,
I know that you lately seemed as if you were hit by a magnitude earthquake .. Please forgive me for the filthy messy situation I've been puttin' you in . Sorry for the heaps and heaps of books and papers .. for the coffee mugs that piled on my desk and my nightstand . Sorry for the clothes scattered everywhere .. and for the messy closet and drawers ..
I promise .. I'll make it up for you :)

My Lovely School Bag ,
I have no idea how big the sorry should be .I've been carrying all my desk and the whole room inside you . Forgive me for makin' a trash out of you .. I know how insulting this was for you since we are buddies for six years .. you've been with me the whole days and you know how much I get stuck with every thing ..

My Darling Printer ,
Though I was so upset and mad at you when you swallowed my papers .. and when you quit working the night before handing my homework .. I'm sorry .. I understand that it's been too much on you .. I apologize and ask you to please be back ..

My Lovely Email ,
A big sorry for you dear .. sorry for over working you only for my personal services and homework . Sorry for not taking a good care of you .. I promise I will put you in a very good use .. don't worry :)

My Sweet Sweet Pillow ,
Big huge sorries go for you .. I know how much you miss me .. I understand that you are bored to death and so annoyed by the papers and books gathered around you and beneath you .. I promise that I'll be with you for the whole day very soon :)

Sincerely Yours


Meme said...

u never stoped complaine about ur messy bag this week .. heeehehee .. it was messy for real

Beyond Me said...

Meme you're always just in time ..
I suppose the whole university knew that I had big huge messy weeks lol :D

Dr.Mohammed said...

My Sweet Sweet Pillow "...I know how much you miss me "

lolzzz....i liked that idea!! your pillow missing you so much!!

good luck with your studying.

Beyond Me said...

Haha .. yeah kinda going mad :D

Thank you Dr.Mohammed

Beyond Me said...

Haha .. yeah kinda going mad :D

Thank you Dr.Mohammed

Anonymous said...

حالتك صعبة بالمررره الله يسعدك يا شيخه

Beyond Me said...

شفتي شلون ,,
يسعد أيامك حبيبتي ^_^

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