Friday, 2 July 2010

That's Me .. The 'Lecturer'

Inspired by the lovely Fadiosis

I've never been a teacher before , I nevertheless can see clearly how difficult teaching is . It might be the hardest job ever , but only for those who have a clear conscience , those who are bearing in mind how critical and sensitive their position is , and who are ready to shoulder some responsibility ; shaping minds , changing attitudes and lives , and standing for role models .

Teaching is getting harder and harder especially under the circumstances that we are living nowadays like students' resistance , teachers' irresponsibility , and stupid educational institutions' policy and systems !! In order to be a good teacher , you have to be a wise , dedicated , knowledgeable , strong , and resourceful person takes a lot ! Hence , we don't come across so many good teachers !!!! and because I'm sick of that , I've decided that when I'm to become a teacher , I'd rather be a good one .. and that's what I will do insha'allah :

  • Preparation is of a major importance for me . I will never accept unprepared students in my classes .
  • I will never ever ever ever take up MEMORISING as one of my techniques .
  • I'll have EXTRA reading materials . I'll be demanding my students to read and to do assignments on them .
  • YES .. I'll be a pain in the ass doctor .
  • I care nothing about attendance . If you want to attend you are the most welcomed , and if you don't for sure I'm not to blame eventually .
  • Though I don't care about attendance , I won't accept any late students , and I respect each student who shows up and be always on time .
  • Exams-oriented-mentality students' conversations piss me off . I'll never ever allow any exams conversations in my classes . Drop this and keep that , and the what will we have in the exam* questions are completely FORBIDDEN .
  • Seminars .. I really can't see why our universities don't have seminars !!!! Anyways , I'll work my best to have my students a seminar once in a while .
  • Office hours are crucial . When I become a lecturer , I'll be sitting my butt on my chair all the time I have office hours .
  • If you care to enroll on my class .. go ahead , and if anybody wants to drop FEEL FREEEEEEEE !


Fadiosis said...

I can already see that you're a passionate teacher!! Yes, people forget how responsible their jobs are. No matter how small or little or tiny you think your job is, you always build something in the society.

Now comes the laughing parts.. YES .. I'll be a pain in the ass doctor. and and the what will we have in the exam* questions are completely FORBIDDEN. >>>> YUMMMMAAAAAHHH!!!!!

lastly, When I become a lecturer , I'll be sitting my butt on my chair all the time I have office hours. LOOOOOOOOOOOL hahahahhaah hehehehehehhehe LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL !!!!

girl I love you!!!!

Beyond Me said...

Luv you too *blushing*
Always happy to make you laugh ;)

Rori said...

I expect u will be a Professional teacher ^،^
I hope that u achive all what u wrote
but i think it is difficult to Apply it :(

Beyond Me said...

Not when you have the will darling ;)

Meme said...

seminars + EXTRA reading materials + prepartion = i will nevr ever eve ever ever be in ur clas ..........................

Beyond Me said...

Get lost Meme :p :p

Fadiosis said...

heey... i adore the new template xD.. it's awesome!!!

put the rain soundtrack please. heheee

p.s. have u by any chance made a twitter account?

Beyond Me said...

Thank you awesome girl , I get bored so fast !!
Men 3nooni ^.^
Ummmm yes I did ;)

Fadiosis said...

ok r u crazy outbursts? :p

Beyond Me said...

Yeah :)

.hopeful. said...

I would love to be an English teacher! I studied English in university and am applying to teacher's college. I agree with you..people def. need to be passionate about being a teacher since they have so much responsibility. Great blog!

Beyond Me said...

Masha'allah good luck with that :)
And thank you ^.^

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

Best of luck.
It IS a demanding job indeed.