Sunday, 11 July 2010

What Is It With The Twilights ?

I've come to hate being in a holiday lately because of the many many things I ponder owing to the plenty of time I have + the prevalence of my pickiness << Oh snap .. looks like somebody is gonna rant ...  AGAIN !!

Yeah whatever , one of the things that I can't quite figure out in any way is this Twilight phenomenon ! can't really tell what is so special about it !! why all people are so sucked into the love of this story ?? I mean , in all seriousness guys , and with all all all the respect to the writer , all the fans and the twi-hards or what so called , I think it's the cheesiest sleaziest story I've ever known ! There are a million movies out there which are just pointless and lame , but I don't care . What makes an enigma for me is why specifically this movie ??? is it really worth it ????? I need some reasonable answers please ! last but not least , excuse my messed up mood and bitter rant !


Fadiosis said...

i haven't read the books yet :\.. i wanted to, but i didn't have enough money to buy the whole collection!!

well to judge the movie, i'd say that they didn't make a good scenario.. they filmed it based on the novel itself. which is why it's weak!!!

but generally speaking, i loved it, it's about vampires and ware-wolves. :p

although, i respect ur opinion. i might hate something just because everyone else is loving it!! ;p

IamSilla said...

well as u know books r usually better than movies, n also before this new moon n twilight movies werent that good. i guess bcoz kristen didnt really know how to b bella, but in the 3rd movie, it's more to action, bella isnt as stupid like bfore n it was great. n this story is also about triangle love, so 2 guys are trying 2 get a girl, but for sure bella had choose 1. but the conflicts that she need to face is more obvious, u better watch the movie sister, inshaallah u won't hate it, :D, even my mum isnta twilight fan n she hates 1st n 2nd movie. but wen she watch the 3rd, she loves it!! n she said this is better

Beyond Me said...

Fdio , I haven't read the books either . I've read different reviews , but I'm generally speaking about the plot . It's just silly , I can't stand it !!!!

Thanks for your comment ;)

Beyond Me said...

illa , I'll make sure to give it a shot sometime later ;)

Thanks hon ^.^

P.S.I don't hate it whatsoever , I just can't figure out why people are so crazy about it !!

IamSilla said...

well, girls love triangle love!!! hot body werewolves , mysterious vampire, n a normal human. watching the movies dont give effect dat much, but the books, hell yeah, u will curse, shouting, n bla bla bla the whole way. i did dat :P

Beyond Me said...

Really ?
Well , I guess this makes sense :D :D

Shahirah Elaiza said...

I personally think it's uhm.... a load of... oh well, some things are better left unsaid. Then again, I'm really, really picky when it comes to movies and the media in general.

My Getaway said...

I think it's just something different. Before twilight I don't remember many vampire love stories lol.

Another-Penelope said...

aaah Finally I have found someone whos a blogger too who thinks a twilight is pointless :D I so Agree !

TaZmaNiA said...

because only there true love exists ;p

Beyond Me said...

Shahirah :D and yeah we have to be very selective !
My Gataway , I agree it's so different :p
Another-Penelope , I'm glad ^.^
TaZmaNiA , you mean in vampires' lives ???!!!!

Thanks you all girls so much ^^

M7md Ghazi said...

calm down girl LOL
I'm really a fan of the movie and my friends are :P .. the story is different <3 I donnu
I'm not into books .. I didn't read the books .. but I love the movies .. Twilight , New Moon and Eclipse .. something is strange that makes me in love with it <3

White Freedom said...

me to i don't now what the special in this ?
is the story ? it's not even good story all the same vampire want blood and never sleep , it's so stupid why should i pay to watch story we used to see like this only the different is there is Visual effects and very good camera !!

i saw it on TV and it's look like any vampire movie

there is very good movie ,touching our heart from the beginning not like this movie

¤•˚Zαìήαβ˚•¤ said...

I totally agree, to be honest I found it boring, eventhough the story is kinda intresting, but just the sences and so are just boring, well for me at least. everyone with their taste I guess.

but I don't understand what the fuss is about either :S

P.S: thanks for following ! :)