Monday, 23 August 2010

It Pisses Me Off

  • It pisses me off when people keep bitching about every single thing they come across , and commentate on the tiniest details that they absolutely have nothing to do with ! They won't let anything go smoothly .. as if they have some kind of itching ! Yeah , maybe they are falling angels , right ? Why don't you guys mind your own bussiness and try to fault-find yourself , ha ?
  • When women gather up and start their "you know what" ; " Flana who got divorced , and the other poor whom her husband got married again " and don't forget "Oh my God she is already '15' and she's not married yet , not even engaged O.O ? Grow up ladies ! 
  • It is very annoying when nothing in the whole universe - to each and every member of my family - is more upsetting than my sleeping pattern !!! and when my uncles go like " What the hell is she doing sleeping now " When do you want me to sleep uncle ? it's either now or then ! and when my cousins say " Some pattern you have " O.O " How could she sleep at this time " Is that all you got folks ? My sleeping pattern ?????!!!!
  • It pisses me off when I get myself into trouble or get embarassed in a situation , and yet I try so hard to get over it . However , there comes one of my goofy brothers or cousins - who actually bore witness - and bring it up to me on sight . Super !
  • " See , I'm a person who highly respects others' interests . I however could kick your butt if you ever thought of taking mine lightly " Sorry , this was some disturbed's soliloquy O.o . Anyways , it irritates me when some one inquires with a wrinkled up face " You're reading Hitler's bio ?? " Ummm .. I'm sorry .. am I missing something ? yes Hitler ... as in Adolf Hitler , heared of him ?? You don like me reading Hitler's biography so don't give me that face , please ? . I never did so for your Korean and Indian movies you watch all the time .
  • I HATE IT .. really literally hate it when my mother or my aunts - or whoever - compares me to my other cousins or any other chick with high heels and layers of makeup on her face ! *rolling eyes* You want me to be like this ; makeup and heels and hair up to the ceiling ? well , thank you , but I'm just fine with the way I look . Leave me alone !!

That's all I remember for now . Maybe I'll come back later and add a few more .. considering my pissed off state of mind !


M7md Ghazi said...

calm down :D
anyways most of ur point are totally RIGHT and I hate them too ..
thanks for sharing :)

Beyond Me said...

xD I know .. I'm sorry , I hate it when I write at extreme anger . Thanks for dropping by .

IamSilla said...

wow!!! ur really angry from the way u wrote this post! anyway just relax aite :) its common to see ppl bitching around, giving dat look n comparing u n bla bla! n i really 1000x hate it when it happens to me. but you know what dats part of our life. if everytime u hear da comparing stuff, your uncle saying this n dat, your bro n ur cousins remind you bout sumthing JUST IGNORE THEM! alright habibty *hugs*

p/s:dont mind me, i have da habit calling girls dear sweety n so on


Beyond Me said...

Awwww , sweetie it's very nice of you *hugs back*
Sometimes I can't , I just go nuts O.O It's too much to put up with !

P.S. I really sound so outraged , don't I ?????????????

fatima said...

hey hey
cool down babe-lol
btw what ive done to get ova the shit u mentioned is to IGNORE everythin-like i dun take ny such thing at heart
chillax babe n have fun .life is short.before u know u r done wid it =o

IamSilla said...

yeaaah totally!! but i guess what ur facing is too much. because u've been dealing with these more than once! right?

Beyond Me said...

Fatima ,
xD xD
Will try , thanks

Silla ,
Yup .. pretty much recently :s

Fadiosis said...

Whoa Whoa Whoa!! when did that post come up? :P.. I love it!! Every word of it!!

I hate all those things you wrote to the tiniest detail! I love the way you wrote it. Mashallah... :)

As much as I'm lazy now, I might write something like it later!!! Keep the awesomeness coming (H)

Beyond Me said...

You've been a little MIA today :D
See what boredom does ? xD
Looking forward ;)
Thank you Fadda

White Freedom said...

oh my God you said every thing in my heart lol
the last point is the one i hate it to :(

Unique gal" said...
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My Sky said...

With you at every point. I don't get angry, I just have the urge to strangle! and because I'm a Muslim young lady, I just sit back quietly remembering "و الكاظمين الغيظ " while imagining myself driving over them.. with a white land cruiser. Really, that is the only imagination that can make me get over it and forgive them :)

lola said...

you describe my feelings,ideas...
thanx alot....
with love...

Madni manzoor said...

Asalam o alikum! Hope you don't get upset or mind my comment on your blog :) i found your blog from one of my friend. I liked it and decided to be a regular reader. Can i read and comment and you don't mind? Anyway the things you mentioned here are excetly the things that sometime happens to me too :D it's okay don't be upset on these bullshit things, simply ignore them. Keep fine and happy ^_^ i won't continue reading your blog except i get your reply. Allah hafiz.

Abrar said...

Mr.Manzoor ,
I don't mind at all .

Thank you all for your comments :)

Mahummad Madni Manzoor said...

:D ahaa thank you.

Wafa' said...

•I HATE IT .. really literally hate it when my mother or my aunts - or whoever - compares me to my other cousins or any other chick with high heels and layers of makeup on her face ! *rolling eyes* You want me to be like this ; makeup and heels and hair up to the ceiling ? well , thank you , but I'm just fine with the way I look . Leave me alone !!

my family "the extended one" kept doing that until me and my cousin were not longer friends !! people will never appreciate the idea that we are different and that's the beauty of it :)

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

sO i totally love your blog, lol super post- some of those things happen and annoy the hell out of me too funily enough

Maisan said...

The last one is the most annoying one .. It happens all the time .. I hate it ><

Abrar said...

I know , right?