Friday, 10 December 2010

I'm Stupid , and It's Your Fault ~ Part (1)

My student Najla left this week. On sunday , she told me that it was her last day at school. She wants to go back to Egypt to attend Al-Azhar university , and they wouldn't accept her there if she graduates from a secondary school here. Can you tell why?? It's such a shame because Najla was one of the BEST students I had. Masha'Allah she is very polite and smart and God soo passionate ! Gonna miss her. Anyways , my reaction to the big shocker was that when I got home that day , I cried my face off .. and me whatever you want!

Najla's leaving has left me pondering over two of the unavoidable-yet-been-purposely-avoided facts of my life. Firstly , the fact that I am an emotional idiot freak who can't help but get involved in everything around me. But again , never mind it. I was just me being me! The second fact , and the one that really matters , is the painful reality of our education in Saudi Arabia. It's nothing like I needed Najla to remind me that our system is  fashel or something! It's pretty much a general consensus that no one BUT -all due respect-FOOLS would deny.

Still , and before I throw my bitter rant , there is something that I need to pinpoint. I know that there are people out there who are givin' it their best trying to fix the problems , and it's not working very well. The thing is .. it's rotten from the inside. It needs super extra efforts of everyone of us. For now , if I shed some light on our education in Saudi Arabia , I'll come up with the result that everything is quite messed up. No decent curriculums , no qualified teachers , students are umm ... I dunno what to even call them , no smart well-studied plans .... and the list goes on.

Let's take curriculums first .. If I talked about the syllabus I teach , it's so lame and boring to death. It has given me a migraine with Ahmad Al-Ali and his programme .. I mean seriously , what good would Ahmad Al-ali do us ? We need solid English , people !However , and despite all the attempts made to develop the curriculums , it's not really working. Wondering why? 'cause we don't have enough good teachers to teach them , and that's a whole other subject that I don't want to go through !!

But in general , the main reason that could make a bad teacher is a bad student i.e. most of the bad teachers were lousy students to begin with .. like some of those I have now. God it's truely agitating and depressing what Saudi students do. I swear to God .. I'm not toxicated or anything , but I never see such a thing from one of my Egyption , Syrian , Yemeni , Afghanistani , and Pakistani students whatsoever. Wallahi they are ALL Saudis who always smother me Why? why Saudis ? why??

They don't give a thing about education. There is no sense of appreciation for what teachers do. They follow makeup and trends and fashion single mindedly. They don't wake up till they hear about some sort of an exam or something O.O And the worst part is , once they show up , they are like ( دكتوررااااااااه , كم صفحة تبغي البحث / الواجب ؟؟ ) Waja3 it's so irritating , we're not kindergarten :@ or the most famous yet most pissing off request ( !! يادكتورره احزفي لنا جزء من المنهج .. مرررررة كتيييييير ومرررررة صعب) Ufff .. You study for life not for exams , gals! I realy don't know when we are going to snap out of this. It's getting unbearable wallahi! 

Bottom line , everything is connected , and it's everybody's fault. Everybody's responsibility. Teachers should wake up and smell the coffee. Be carefull with those little minds in your hands. Stand for perfect role models. Once when one of your students grows up , s\he is either gonna speak highly of you and thank the day he had you for a teacher or s\he is ..... well I better not say! For students , CUT THE BALONEY and stop blaming everybody else for why you are losers!

P.s. It's not that I'm Abrar the most educated perfect Saudi girl , but when I say something is wrong , it is wrong !


Fadiosis said...

Ohhhh tell me about it. every bit of it. i suffer from this on daily basis. and when u try to study for life, (e.g. doc this is a new case we wanna see that, the doc: it's not gonna be in the exam, let's skip.)

it's coming from everywhere. and it couldn't be more exhausting wallahi. as for the huge efforts that has to be made by everyone, yeah except we all need to know how? no matter how to fixed yourself, if the system is fucked up, then it's fucked up!!!

every time i browse the injustice, bureaucracy, stupidity and other gaps in our system i feel like i'm watching a cheap movie of a corrupted mexican police station!!! *provided that corruption is the similarity* xD...

heartbreaking post, yet a must to know.. i wish there's a slap box in front of everyone of those students hehehee

UmmUmarNY said...

How sad!!! Still... I don't think Saudi education system is worse than US's.... so just think how frustrating would be if you were teaching here instead!! Yah Allah!! ..there's always a 'silver lining' :D

Abrar said...

(e.g. doc this is a new case we wanna see that, the doc: it's not gonna be in the exam, let's skip.)
Haahhhhhaaa شر البلية ما يُضحك
Gurl , I love you xD
Hope you are doing well with your exams? Wallahi I never forget to keep you in my prayers :***


Um Umar ,
you got it right :D always there is a silver lining ..
But still .. IT IS worse here! O.O

Bitten ❤ said...

If young people only knew how fortunate they are because they get to go to school...

Abrar said...

I know , right? Al7amdu li Allah ..

Asmaa said...

hello abrar
I am with you about every thing that you said ..
yes our educational systems is too bad and some of the teachers does not have responsibility like someone in our addition there are a careless students , by the way I don't blame the students because I think they are a victims for this loser educational system .
moreover we are can do something , at least change the mind or thinking of students about the learn " they learn for learn for knowing not for exam and collect the marks"

Abrar said...

Hi Soma ,
LOLs someone is still angry!!! let it go sweetie .. it's nothing!

I agree with you. Some of these students are victims , but still , they are the minority , right?Let's be realistic .. they are taking every thing for granted! Add to that .. the fact that they see that everything is messed up makes them more and more careless .. it's very disturbing if you think about it !!

Noor said...

Asalam Alaykum sis this is sad indeed for the students and the teachers inshAllah things will get fixed but I doubt anytime soon.

I agree what another poster said it was not very long ago kids and girls especially dreamed of an education now they get it and do not care. People are never satisfied.

Anonymous said...

its really nice ms Abrar
an studeing in saudi is playing
nt real study :S
with love sausan

Abrar said...

You got it right , girl ;)

Enas said...

I completely agree with you Abrar. We should sue our educational system for not producing highly qualified teachers.
Mmmm for the students, I guess If they really want to learn, they can find the right way.
For the curriculums, I guess the teacher can play a master role on that.
It's a circle and it's everybody's responsiblity.
Ya Rab give us a hand to help in fixing this problem..