Monday, 6 December 2010

Two Mad Weeks (Picz)

Alsalam alikom everybody. I'm terribly sorry for being such a slacker T__T Been leading an insane life lately with the school and the university and everything. I miss you ALL , and I can't wait till this week is over to start jacking around your bolgs :p I now have the most wonderful 43 followers. You have no idea how happy I am ! 43 is a huge number for me :) so thank you all LOADS ..

Umm .. wanted to speak less this time << Yeah apparantly O.O and provide you with some pictures of the things I've been doing for the last couple of weeks .. Enjoy

Gifts for my distinguished students


Heaps of worksheets
This is the first error analysis worksheet I've done with them. The errors were from their homework.
This was really helpful.

This is the last disaster I've done to the Saudi educational system .. I teach idioms HOOORAAAAY
I also happen to have a horrible handwriting , don't I ?

A spelling-vocabulary-checking activity .. they LOVE it !

Our table ( My side )

Manal's side over there

Asma's Side

I made this mess :D :D

 What do you think ?! and p.s.wish me luck with my exam tomorrow .. love you all xoxo


IamFarsilla said...

All the best uztazah!!! hope u will do it well n score the highest mark inshaallah AMEEEN, n u did a great job :D me <3 it


UmmUmarNY said...

MashaAllah!!! I've been following your blog for just a few days now, but I LOVE IT!!! You seem to be a very interesting person and SubhanaAllah, so creative!! It does look like you've been a 'busy-bee' lately and I hope you get your rest soon... Being a teacher is no easy task, but one of the most rewarding experiences, in my opinion!!! ..the most 'noble' job in the world!! Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us!! :D

Abrar said...

Silla ,
Ameen , thank you sweetie xoxox

Um Umar ,
Yeah , totally right .. very exhausting and consuming , but still amazing after all!
Thank you for your comment and for following sister :****

Meme said...

مبدعه ورومنسيه كالعاده

Abrar said...


Bitten ❤ said...

Awww! I miss schooling a lot.. I wish I was one of your distinguished students. Haha.

And oh that little girl in your profile pic is super dooper cute :)

Btw, did you nail your exam?

Abrar said...

Bitten ,
Loolz , thank you girl :*
My exam ? Ughh no .. it was horrible al7amdu li Allah T____T

Anonymous said...

it is wonderful and amazing pictures and moments,I can't forget when you came with the big box hhhhhhhha
but there is a big plot , why all the chocolate in my side ha ?

Abrar said...

Soma , we kind of took over your place while you were away :p

Maisan said...

So nice pics Miss Abrar =)
I hope for u all the best in ur life
And by the way .. I loved the notebooks u gave us it's so lovely
Now i know how much hard work u do for us and we're so grateful to have such a lovely teacher like u ^^

Abrar said...

Maisan ,

Awww , that's super sweet coming from you , thank you :$
I hope you all the best as well sweetheart :*
Thanks for dropping by ;)


ṁёṃά said...

hi miss Abrar ^^
i’m Omaima
I’M really sorry for every
thing i do in your class h3
but it’s me i can’t change :P
ummm and i hope for u all the best in ur life ,,اهم شي فاشختها من فوق
Oo al pic mrraa nice ..
keep it going miss ..
luv u <3<3

Gamar said...

very nice pictures

Best gift took it