Monday, 3 January 2011

I'm in Love !

Yeah, I  most certainly am :$ Deeply , obviously , and officially in love! And how can't I when I've got the super awesome students?! Those who made sense of my life .. the most amazing thing that happened to me in ages .. I'll be stone cold! Being a teacher was one of the hardest toughest most difficult yet sweetest experience I've gone through .. like EVER. My question is however , what's that about teaching that makes you struggle that much to get the knowledge conveyed , and that pushes you through the nights that you stay up , and that condoles you during the disasters that you come across O.O and that makes you put up with everything else?!

For me , it's only that sparkle that shines in my students' little eyes once they understand something , seeing them raising their hands in excitement , that stupid feeling that I just LOVE when I know that I'm someone's mentor or role model! Al7amdu li Allah , getting these rewards was beyond enough to make my days , and to make me work even harder :) But what I got from my students recently is something different , something sweet and touching and special and awesome *tearing* .. Let me fill you in with it , Some of my students have started away their OWN blogs .. I know , right? Others have made me the most amazing glossaries ever. My students know idioms and some of the most important words in English. When I saw thier comments on some of my posts , I was literally wordless !

Lemme start with my lovelies , Fatima took the lead and started her blog .. Fatty is all the sweetness in the world gathered ;) Sawsan , a very smart and funny yet so fragile gal did so as well. R3'dosh is a cool kid who doesn't give up and who thinks she deserves nothing less than the best .. she needs a little push to be something very HUGE. Omaima is very naughty talkative yet keen .. her website is also out.(Please support my students) Maisan is someone I'm so grateful for having in my class. She kept reading and commenting on some of my posts with astonishing English ;) Iman is a thinker and a very wise little woman .. It would be amazing if she has a blog of her own , wouldn't it? Ala'a or Lolo ;) is someone with a great deal of passion. There are MANY MANY great students in my classes whom I really really hope that they take such brave steps .. for those who started , keep it going , sweethearts ;) For those who want so , it's not gonna take more than three minutes .. and you'll have your own page xD

P.S. Please support my students , please please please ?! 
P.P.S. I'll upload a few pictures of their glossaries and presents. Will sure provide you with some. Vaya con dios ;)


ŚσǾσŚąŇã said...

misssssssssss abrar :$
we r in love with u to :P:P:P
thanx 4 every thing :)
o ana ra7 anzel shai 3nk
u have to read it ok :)

ҒдT said...

my teacher I‘m Sooo glad about what you wrote ^^
thank u so much u make me loved English more :) i will never 4 get u (L)

Thanks again (K)

Abrar said...

Soso ,
Will sure do ;)

Fat ,
I'll never forget you as well :**

You are welcome , sweethearts xoxo

ṁёṃά said...

OMG ... hhhhhhhhhhhh
I’M a talkative girl !!!!
ms.abraaar you are a impossible
person hhhhh :P

i wish you love the surprise in your office ^^
and happy new year <3
thank u soo much miss ^^
i luv u
أحس في تكليج في الهرجة احم مشي مشي :P

Abrar said...

Awwwwwwww , it was from you !!!!!
I loved it so much wallahi , thank you a great deal , Mema !
ههههه لا مافي تكليج , بس وحدة صعنونة
Love you back

Anonymous said...


Thanx my teacher 4 this
I hope 4 u α happy Life <3

Really we will Miss u

Luv u (kkkkk)

ŚσǾσŚąŇã said...

miss go to my blog now

UmmUmarNY said...

Hey Abrar!!!.. "Vaya con Dios"???!! LOL.. mixing it up with Spanish now?! ..well I can definitively help you with that if you want to learn!! :D

You are such an inspiring teacher.. and I'm not surprised your students love you so much!! If only all teachers were as dedicated and aware of their student's needs as you are... SubhanaAllah.. this would be a much different world... Sweeter at the very least!!!

Keep it up!! ..this is how you should always be.. HAPPY!!! and loving life..!!

PS:... I'm striving to learn more Arabic... so pray for me!!! شكرا

Abrar said...

Raghad ,
I'm gonna miss you even more wallahi T___T

Soso ,

Um Umar ,
Yeah , see? Spanish really interests me xD
I can teach you Arabic. In fact ,I would Love nothing more ;)
Thank you loads , Um Umar .. you've been such a great support , sister :****

I'm Farsilla said...

lol uztazah they r lucky to have u as their teacher :) tho ur not my uztazah im lucky 2 hve u as my fren :)


Maisan said...

Miss Abrar i'm going t miss u akttttr shy :")
Ur such a lovely teacher.. The BEST ever =D
And i will never forget u.. never ever ^^"
I wish for u all the best in ur life
And i hope u don't forget us to =)
With love

Abrar said...

My Silla ,
Awww , that's super sweet of you :*** Thank you
BTW , I miss you like crazy , Silla :(

Meeso ,
Unless I lose my memory , I promise that I'll never forget you , whiz kids :****
How can I possibly forget the most amazing thing that happened to me ????
Wish you the best as well , Meeso ;)

I'm Farsilla said...

i miss u too dear :*


Fadiosis said...

mashallah i'm in love as well. teaching has always been a very very very difficult task to me.

Abrar you're an angel, and girls, congratulations for your blogs i bet you'll turn up to be better than Abrar :p..

heheheheee that's a very sweet post ♥

Abrar said...

Fadda ,
I wouldn't mind it whatsoever ;)
Thank you LOADS for your support ya a7la Fadda xoxo

Anonymous said...

هاي ابرار
كيفك . بسالك انتي باقي لك كم ترم وتخلصي الجامعة بخير ان شاء الله ؟

Abrar said...


Anonymous said...

imiss you so mush

UmmUmarNY said...

Salaams Abrar!! I just bumped into this blog and I think you will like... at least I think your students will!

I follow them on Facebook, but I never knew the source of it all is a blog... LOL

I enjoy the cartoons... they are hilarious!!! Enjoy! :D

Abrar said...

LOOOLz , yeah , they are hilarious xD I loved the games and the proverbs and the idioms as well O.O
Will sure provide them with it :)

Thank you .. thank you .. thank you , Um Umar xoxo

UmmUmarNY said...

و اياكم اختي حبيبة
انشاالله انصروك مع كل شئ
I hope I didn't make a fool of myself and got the meaning right... LOL I'm still learning! :D

Abrar said...

WOOOOOW masha'Allah !
How long have you bee learning Arabic for?!
Arabic is in deed difficult to learn as a second or a foreign language !
Your Arabic is amazing though ! Keep it up , lovely sister ;)

UmmUmarNY said...

شكرا كثيرا ابرار
A few years ago I started going to the Darul 'Uloom here for Islamic studies with the intention to become an عالمة. My husband was finishing his studies there as well, so it was kind of convenient to go together. BUT... the person I had entrusted to look after our eldest son bailed out on me... so I was forced to quit... :( Still, I was able to learn a bit.. LOL At home I continued revising نحو and صرف... I keep telling myself to continue... but it is hard to do it by myself... I still have a loooooong way to go! Who knows, maybe I'll 'get there' by the time I'm 80 years old.. LOL :D

Abrar said...

Do you have any idea how much I admire you?? Masha'Allah it's very inspiring :**
Insha'Allah if you keep it up , you'll finish sometime very soon ;)
BTW , thanks for keeping my company O.O it's (4 A.M)now , and I'm sitting all by myself doing my ugly homework :@ I was about to go nuts wallahi :S