Sunday, 9 January 2011


Alsalam Alikom dear readers. For those of you who haven't learned yet .. Tuesday was my last day at the school =__= This means that I'm no longer a teacher at the 15th secondary school or .. to be more accurate a trainee over there. It should also tell you that on the grounds of this , I'm not quite in the perfect mood whatsoever. So needless to tire you with my burdens this time. I finally uploaded the pictures. Please enjoy them ^.^ Updated

My class 1/3


Learning resources center


This picture makes me cry =__=

Practising my lesson :)

My colleague Asma :***


:D :D

Mrs.Muna's present to us :**

Now the most amazing part ..

 ~ Glossaries ~
 Anan's glossary. One of the best .. a student who is every thing a teacher needs , the whole package :***

My student Mariah is like a fairy tale .. every thing nice and sweet and imaginative coming together !
Maria's first page of her notebook ( Positive thinking !) (Y)

 Who is nothing less than the best .. no no maybe the best of the best ?!

Raghad's Jack emo xD


Oooops .. it's chance !!!!

Sheemo's ..
A very active and cooperative member. A strong believer ... :D

Very sweet and outgoing and fun to be with ;)


Shy , quiet , and smart :)

Soosana's ;)

Positive Thinking ..
I salute you , Tasneem !

I think that's very enough for one day. Now , excuse me while I go curl up and weep T______T


UmmUmarNY said...

Don't cry Abrar!! This is just another 'stepping stone' on your pond of life... working on getting to the other side!!! What would you do if you got stuck in the middle? You got to keep moving.. there's work to be done!!! Tell me... Will you be getting a full time job as a teacher? Do you still have credits to finish in College? What's next for you?!

I've been a teacher... so I know how attached we get to our students, but rejoice! They are still there!! and they will take you with them wherever they go!!! :D

¤•˚Zαìήαβ˚•¤ said...

aww that is so sweet! ^^

ŚσǾσŚąŇã said...

so nice ms wallah misses u :(
today was so nice when u camed
:) , an every nice post i love it

Maisan said...

So nice pics Miss Abrar ^^
but u didn't see the pic i drew on the next page :(
oh will .. You shouldn't be upset cuz u'll be in our hearts for ever <3

rencontrer Pauline said...

since ur a teacher, may i ask, ever taken computer assessment subject something during University days?

Abrar said...

Um Ummar ,
I know! I'm trying to move .. It's gonna take sometime though to get over the rough patch:)
For the job .. ughh man! You've just hit a nerve! Getting a job as a teacher in Saudi Arabia is pretty much difficult. I won't be able to have it before 6,7,8 ... years!
However , I'm planning to apply for teaching assistance at my university , and I want to apply for a master degree as well , but I'm not sure of getting either =__=
Pray for me .. that's the time I need prayer most :***

Zainab ,
:$ Thanks ;)

Soosana ,
Yeah , it was nice! Till I got scolded :@
Thank you , sweetie :***

Meso ,
O.O I didn't see it !!!!!
What was it ?!!
You will as well xoxo
Such a shame I didn't see you today at the school =__=

Pauline ,
Ummm .. you mean computer assesment as in computer assesment ?? or using computer for assesment !!!
Kind of confused O.o

Anonymous said...

wOow .....
so nice pics ...xD
miss U aktr vaja fee alvyaaa

smsm said...

wawo it is amazing memories ,
what you did in your class was beautiful and you made difference in your class .
we must forget the school step and move to the important step the next!.I am really scared about it , MAY ALLAH HELP US ,and best wishes to you .

Maisan said...

It was just my name =D
yeah the girls told me that u came but unfortunatly i didn't see u .. me and mema came 2 look 4 u but we couldn't find u =(
I hope u come again ^^

Abrar said...

My Raghad ,
I missed you even more =__= more than life itself !!!
Thanks for stopping by , sweetie

Smsm ,
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhdon't you remind me! I'm scared to death wallahi ..
Ya rab ameen to your prayers
Thanks Smsm ;)

Meso ,
I didn't see it O.o
I will do it once more soon insha'Allah ;)
It was a lot of fun xD

Anonymous said...

wo 3leekom alslam ^^
wow ms it’s a niccce pic
7sr8 9ort F9lna al3ziz :D
Good memories (L)
Continue ya miss (K)

Abrar said...

Fat ,
Tefdak ;)
I will , sweetheart :**

Gamar said...

very nice ms

i miss u ms so much

Abrar said...

Miss you too , Moon ;)

Anonymous said...

hi it,s avery nice the work thanks :D