Friday, 21 January 2011


Alsalam Alikom , every one. So as I've been trying to snap out of the manic phase , I get this really really shocking news that sucked me all back in. The other day , a relative of mine attempted suicide !!!!!!!!! An adult , a Muslim , a wife and a mother of five swallowed some pills 'cause she was sick of life , and she wanted her way out .. Aaah !! However , alhamdu li Allah she survived , but well .. I think that her life will get no better especially now as she's made such a huge mistake !!!

I still can't believe it! As if I'm dreaming!!!!! I thought that stuff like this only happen on TV and acting or at least by people whom life and death make no difference for .. those who don't believe in Allah and the day of judgment .. who couldn't care less if Allah is pleased with them or not .. those who don't know that they'll rot in hell over killing themselves .. And believe me , despite all of this , they would think it through a million times before they do it. We are Muslims , and Muslims do not kill themselves! They're patient and Allah-fearing .. they follow the footsteps of prophet Muhammad , May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him , we follow Abu Bakr , Aisha , and Khadijah. Not freakin' So3ad 7osni or Marilyn Monroe !!

It broke my heart when her 7 years old son told her (You know that people who do that go to hell , don't you ??) Nothing could be more crushing for him !! What happened to us?! When did every thing get so messed up?? What possibly could've happened that make you throw it all away?? Your family , your children .. and your life in the Hereafter???!! I know that my relative had a lousy husband and a troubled life , but come on .. Who didn't ?? Is it worth it after all ??! Turn to Allah repenting , hon .. seek his forgiveness and ask him for patience and strength ! Focus your attention on your kids and raise them on high values !! They need you more than anything !!!


¤•˚Zαìήαβ˚•¤ said...

Alhamdulillah that she survived!! Allah was too merciful that he gave her a second chance and it should be enough to show her that it's out of her hands to take her life; however she really needs a lot of support from you all now, we are all exposed to those moments of weakness, where the Shaytan eats you all up, Au'du Billah!

May Allah guide her and grant her relief, and protect us all. Ameen!

I'm Farsilla said...

im really sorry to hear about this. she is just not dat strong sweetie. well try 2 there for her n gives her advices n pros n cons of suicide. talk about her children n let her think what with happen to them. especially others ( non relatives ) know dat she killed herself n left them. i hope she will be strong inshaallah .ameen


it's me said...

OOOh My God
what's wrong with people I just heard about a student who try to kill herself drinking clorox . ok ,if you have a problem just think of those who living with war and hunger , so you will find your problem nothing.
but I con't beleive a Muslim and mother do such a think like suicide.
اللهم اغفر لها وفرج همها واحفظها لأبنائها و احفظهم لها و اعنهم على طاعتك وشكرك وحسن عبادتك

Abrar said...

Zainab ,
Al7amdu li Allah !
Ameeen to your prayers.

Silla ,
She wasn't strong at all, I guess!! We are trying to be there for her , but you know the worst part is that some of the very close people to her were completely disappointed in her !!!! You know what I mean ?! They don't wanna be around her anymore :s

Manal ,
أعوذ بالله!!!!
Yeah , if we just wake up and look around !! We are living in Heaven .. Al7amdu li Allah
Ameeeeen ya rab

I'm Farsilla said...

Astafirullah, they shouldn't do Dat. Yes indeed she make a mistake n tell me aren't we human? If they felt dissapointed towards her n now leaving her hanging (I'm gals Dat ur family n u r trying to help) they are selfish. As family u guys should stick together n no want should b left behind.


White Freedom said...

alhamdullAllah she is still alive

it's so sad we heard this ,what about her children ? who will they live without their mom ? what will happen to them if other kids told them your mom suicide ?

we all have problems,

Abrar said...

Silla ,
I know ..... =__=

White ,
Alhamdu li Allah she is Ok ! Would have been a disaster wallahi :(

Enas said...

I'm really socked just like you, I can't believe it, a mother !!
If she is a teenager, I'll say may be she is influenced by the movies and such things but..!
Alhamdule Allah she is given another life..

يارب تثبت قلوبنا عالحق ولا تفتنا..

Anonymous said...

It's hard for us to hear such a thing
so, I can't imagine how her children felt that she wanted to leave them
But,allah made her survive for a reason
she must understand that Allah is Forgiving and Merciful
no matter what she did,,if she turns back to Allah he will forgive her inshalla
her children need to hear from her that she was wrong and it wasn't her intention to leave them
الحمد لله على نعمة الايمان