Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Hello T.U.S

Two days ago , Dr.Muhammad Mursi , my Teaching Aids proffessor , made a really precise 'funny' point about us " Taibah Uni students " by comparing us to Madrasat Almosha'3been's. << *nods*  *nods* *nods*

He wanted to discuss the exam's date with us when the whole class shouted " NOOOOOOOOOOO" Dr. you said we wouldn't have it at bla bla ... we are not ready yet .. Dr. we have millions of exams bla bla bla ... He was so quiet and listening to their nonsenses ( so was I ) << What ???? 
you will have the exam at some point or the other for God's sake !!

He shifted to another subject " not really " but attempted to check out the homework that he asked us to do at the very very begining of the semester and to set a date for handing it and again .. all the kinds of No's and objections arose !!

While we were leaving , one of the girls who actually headed the numbers of protesters , said to a friend of her's in a real dreamy tone .. I really should go abroad and study Computer Science ! *staring*
My dear , I never say you can't dream and can't do .. but what I saw there wasn't a good sign for sure !!

Oh .. speaking about Madrasat Almosha'3been ..

Enjoy this

And this " I couldn't really quit laughing " ..


Meme said...

T.U.S too lazy ..

Beyond Me said...

Tell me about it !!
But they do not all go this way :)

lola said...

I think if the student who protest against the day of the exam is interested in the subject may be she has the right to do it but I am shocked that a huge number of them will not study well..

Beyond Me said...

I wish you could see them grrrr .. I was so irritated though I wasn't myself quite ready for the exam , but I never protested !!

Ian said...

When I lived in Saudi Arabia, Adel Imam seemed to be in EVERY film on TV. He must make one a week.