Saturday, 8 May 2010

Mango Street ; A Book Review

I think I have told you my story while trying to get Mango Street before . I had it sent from Pennsylvania , U.S.A Cuz it wasn't availiable in the bookstores here , and I was a bit afraid that it won't be worthy the trouble I put my uncle through !!! But Alhamduliallah .. it was worthy in big ways . Very unique .. I couldn't really put it down .. well (it's only 110 pages ) :p

The book is about a latin girl "Esperanza" shy and naive . She with her family used to move alot . Mango Street was the last to get their house in . It was the best of all though it was't the house Esperanza always dreamt about in any way . The book gives us snapshots of the life on this street as a poor area , the neighbours , the children , the girls and boys , the stores and every thing . However , the critical thing about this all is how Esperanza reacts to the whole thing as she herself is going through a critical period of her life . The story is so beautifully unfolded as it describes Esperanza's experience through maturity and awarness of the world around her .

The part I liked the most about the book is the way the writer reveals the personality of Esperanza , the way she thinks and talks , her dreams is just astonishing that any girl could identify herself with Esperanza . The descriptions and similes she used had me blown away .. I applaud her for them !

Now , I'll read you little snippets of the book ..

Everything is holding its breath inside me .Everything is waiting to explode like Christmas . I want to be all new and shiny . I want to sit bad at night , a boy around my neck and the wind under my skirt . Not this way , every evening talking to the trees , leaning out my window , imagining what I can't see .
Not a flat . Not an apartment in back . Not a man's house .Not a daddy's house . A house all my own . With my porch and my pillow , my pretty purple petunias . My books and my stories . My two shoes waiting beside the bed .... Only a house quiet as snow , a space for myself to go , clean as paper before a poem .

OMG ..  guys this book is A MUST .. Trust me ^_~


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the book dr.hader tell us about it

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