Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Must-Watch Movies

Before I get started , I need you to trust me when I say that this post is not as lame as it might seem , OK? Good! I've recently turned into a kind of a movies maniac, and not that I'm proud of it , but *Whispers* .... I could watch ten movies in a row O.o Yup! Heheheee. Anyways , I still manage to be very selective to what I watch , and you'll judge my taste once you watch these movies that I highly recommend (Y) 

Dead Poet's society (1989)
The first time I heared the phrase Carpe Diem was from Mr.Keating in this movie. It's what the whole movie is about.
Seizing the day and living an extraordinary life! P.S. Make sure to grab some tissues!

Good Will Hunting (1979)
It's the story of one of those beautiful minds 'Will' who happens to be a janitor at MIT
One of the professors there discovered him when he solved an equation that the MIT students couldn't solve.

Dangerous Minds (1995)
It's very close to Freedom Writers. Ms.J here is kind of cooler though.

Legally Blonde (2001/2003)
Teaching people how to not judge you by the way you look or underestimate you.
It's also about not giving up and challenging the whole World for what you believe in.

Freedom Writers (2007)
This is my best movie ever. It's based on a true story of the English teacher Ms.G who was assigned to teach a troubled class in a school that supports integration system. She was able to make the hugest difference in their lives eventually.
Absolutely stunning!

 Brothers (2009)
This is also an amazing one. It's mainly about the effect of war on family life.

 Waiting for Superman (2010)
A documentary about education in America , shedding more light on the teachers' roles. I really loved it.

 The King's speech (2010)
Stunning doesn't begin to describe this film. It's brilliant! I wish they could do more like it? Funny and sad and inspiring. Colin Firth did a splendid job as usually (Y)

My Name is Khan (2010)
This is the BEST movie you could watch about the effect of 11/9
It's very sad and very very real

Morning Glory (2010)
This one might be more of a chick flick , but I really loved it.
Turning a blind eye to all the scenes that were included , it was rather inspiring for me.

Conviction (2010)
It's an extraordinary movie about not giving up and fighting for the ones you love.
It's a story about Kenny who was falsely accused of a murder and he spends 16 years in prison while his sister Betty studies law so she could be a lawyer and get him out.

.. And voila xD


Zahira Veer said...

Legally blonde is one of my fav, i was watching it maybe more than 3 times, it's showing me about no matter what everyones talk about us, just do the best and it ll give them proof if they are true or false about us ;) keep spirit n good luck

S3od said...

i saw half of them, bs walla My Name Is Khan *Thumbs up* 3ajeeeeb !! :D.. great taste yow :>..

سمــا Samaa said...

I LOVE Dangerous Minds and Legally blonde. I'm very picky and rarely watch a movie till the end. King's Speech & My Name is Khan are on the "to watch list"... I'd probably add the rest since I already liked half!

fionkafied said...

Glad to have stumbled upon this list. I've been searching for movies to watch lately. I did watch most of those, I will definitely check out the rest. Thanks! x