Friday, 8 October 2010

There's Something About English Teachers ; A Story Of Mine

To start things off , I had a lousy week. incredibly craplicious and stressful. I didn't have so many classes , but still as usually there was plenty of crap that I had to put up with , and it was eatin' away at me. I tried to work it out last night. My lovely cousin asked to massage me and I wouldn't say no for sure :D I had a bath and lit up vanilla candles. Everything was so perfect , and I was totally relaxed. You won't even believe how appealing my bed and darling pillows seemed .. of course , this was before I realize they were tempting me !

Hooray , I jumped into my bed , and so passionately hugged a pillow 'cause I truly couldn't believe it that my pillows are finally united ! They're befriending me yaaay! This was also before I realize my pillows were talking to each other , and more surprisingly to me *Bummer* "Been a while" said Deb the big one and the boss "Yeaaah" replied Liv , the one I'm hugging " so everything is goin well out there ?" Debby asked. I was going O.O for a few seconds and then I had a talk in my mind ( it's asking me a question , I should probably answer ) "Um.. not really no" I said "Why?" Unexpectedly lazy 'lizzie' inquired. It startled me a little coz I thought it was asleep !!

I let out a sharp exhale and answered " Nothin .. my life is screwed up , and I'm a giant chaos " " How come ?" Liv inquired  "I have to graduate this semester" " And you are depressed because of that ?" Said Lizzie "NOOO.. It's just so stressful . I have a lot of classes that I'm not done with yet , and I have to take them all now because it's growing unbearable in there. On top of that I'll have to take them with the practical training !" " Practical training ???" asked my pillows and I answered " Yeah , I'm going to be a secondary school teacher " " Oooh snaaaap" cried out Sam , a yahoo yet loyal fellow .. I mean pillow! I was comin' along with the whole me-talking-to my pillows situation , and I got carried away " You won't believe how tense and burdened I am .. I've been worried about this since I can remember , and now it's actually happening T___T".

I stepped further and rambled on " You see , our university never ceases to amaze me. They have a new enigma for every single day. Do you know what happened when choosing the schools we'll be training at ?? It was a catastrophe ! Can you even believe that it was completely random .. they used to call out the name of the school and the first two girls who rise their hands are the ones to go to that school !!! What tha ......? What kind of standard is that ?? Why on earth can't those people find some decent policy through which they can deal with such situations ???? Girls were falling apart , melting down and crying. Of course , I wasn't chosen for the school I wanted , but still , and for my good luck , I was put in a good school , I learnt about it later ! Ahhh " I felt a frozen moment in there and I looked around to find the pillows with their eyes seven inches out ! Of course , it felt as if you pressed a vent-without stopping- button !

" Though I had no clue what you were talking about , but it sounded bad " Said Deb " Totally !  I replied " I had a tough time getting over that sick joke ! But still , I was pretty much consumed with the teaching process , the headmistress , the teachers , the supervisor .. but more importantly the kids ..." As it got serious , I panicked . I felt I wasn't going to fit in. I had this notion that I'd suck as a teacher , as a classroom manager , as a communicator ..... Thoughts were waging wars against each other inside my head. I started my drama queening by then and naturally burst into tears.

In a few moments I felt silence and warmth and Deb was holding still under my cheek as I rolled rivers down while Sam was darning all the way ! Liv resumed the conversation and started to pep talk me " I know everything is going down all at once with you , but it's been worse .. much much worse with you , and you knocked it out " I sniffed and wiped my tears. Deb added " Remember that semester when you used to leave home at 7:00 in the morning and come back at 10:00 at night .. not only that , but you stayed up all night doing your homework? " Yeah " I said in a broken voice" Was one hell of a semester " " And you also scored the highest grades ! You can do it " I wasn't convinced though.

Remember that day when you burnt up my back ? " Asked Sam with its face wrinkled up " When you put your lap top over me and watched that mumbo jumbo movie "  " I rolled my eyes " That movie with the maniac English teacher who told his students to Carpe Diem " Explained Sam and I cried " Dead poets society .. wait , he's not maniac !! " " Yeah whatever .. what was the quote you loved ?" I uttered joyfully " Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the difference. Robert Frost " :*****

We talked for a while and I started to ponder as Lizzie reminded me of one of my favourite movies and books as well " Freedom Writers "I realized then that I was being silly. That's what I always wanted ! Erin Gruwell was always such a role model. She was a normal person till she chose the hard thing ; to go to Wilson high school , something that no one would've gone with willingly , but she has. She made the hugest difference in those kids' lives. Not only Mrs.Gruwell , but a huge list of inspirational people .. English teachers for specific rolled down in my head.

I love English teachers , and I would so much love it if I was one because it took the world my great English teachers to change my life. My secondary school English teacher Mrs.Shaikha. I would've never loved English language as much as I do if it wasn't for her. So giving , and so enthusiastic. She is the greatest ! I missed her like crazy when I graduated , but I was determined to be as good as I can in English.

When I got to college , I was extremely uncomfortable being there. Studying English at my university sucked , it did and still does and will probably do. I've got to a point where I could no longer tolerate it , so I dropped a semester and decided to see what I will do with the dilemma. Things didn't work out with me , and I came back. I was meant to be stuck with the same stupidity! This time , I was devastated  and didn't give a crap about a thing till Dr.Hadeer came along and my life started to make sense for once more. A year later , there came Dr.Amani & Dr.Hayat and now there is Dr.SalahThey're all great. You know , I have a nose for good teachers. I fall in love with them on sight even if I've never spoken to them. Creepy , huh ? My friends as always think I'm out of my freakin' nuts!

I looked my pillows on the eyes and sparked " what if I was someone else's Shaikha or Hadeer or Hayat ?  wouldn't that be the most super awesome thing ? " My pillows cried " Totally " Liv added " That's my girl " While Sam went " Mazel tov , can we sleep now? " I grinned and sank into the bed , and I must say I slept my night splendidly ^.^ 


Manna said...

بيررو ياحياتي هونيها وتهون
كل شي راح يصير تمام انتي بس لا تخافي

Abrar said...


Meme said...

dun worry its going to be ok and u will get throu it let me know what did u do

Anonymous said...

hey goodlooking,and thats ma girl as well;)u've got a nice way of writing & ur characters r well-characterized i must say,liked sam :D dont forget to carpe diem;)

Abrar said...

Thank you all ,


RoOori said...

i hope u can pass the practical training with greeeeeat successful
i’m sure u can that
ammm what else i can say,, yes why do u always use complicated words hhh
i swear i love you even if you don’t love me :)

Abrar said...

I use complicated words ? No , I don't :p
I love you back sweetie :**

هاجر said...

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
وفقك المولى يا ابرار , والله اني
أحبك في الله
بالرغم اني لا أتحدث الأنجليزيه إلا أن مدونتك استوقفتني بروعتها
رعاك الله

Abrar said...

أحبكِ الله الذي أحببتِني فيه
شاكرة مروركِ العَطِر كأنتِ

GrEeEn-MoOon said...

Good Luck dear, can do it,...
God bless u ^ ^

Abrar said...

Thank you :)

IamSilla said...

inshaallah everything will b fine. it must such a heaven wen u reunite with ur pillows. :P

bdw i dislike the way ur uni choose the schools for u girls. its not systematic at all!!!


Abrar said...

I know , right? :@

My pillows yeah xD nothing better :D

Bitten by an Arab bug said...

...and then you've gone nutso! I checked the title twice.. thought it was entitled "Pillow-Talk" LOL

Anyway, don't worry. That, too, shall pass :)

Abrar said...

Changed the title more than five times and this is the only one I feel to fit O.o
Thank you :***

Asmaa ALameer said...

Hi Abrar , I am your friend in this experience , I think it is amazing .
I come back to read the complement


Abrar said...

Hello girl ,
Thanks and God help us all :)
Have a nice journey ;)