Wednesday, 27 October 2010

My Rubbish

Aloohaa , welcome to lunatics ward! A place whose people once believed in themselves , over-thought , daydreamed , imagined the world to be a Utopia of their own. People who knocked themselves out. Got mentally-emotionally-physically-wrung out and walked out of their minds in the process ! Yup , it's true that I've turned into a big fat maniac , and I think I'm already starting to develop some DID symptoms ..... if you know what I mean !? I'm a teacher by morning , a student by afternoon ; my students call me teacher in the morning , and I call other people teachers in the afternoon ; my teachers correct my papers , I correct my students' assignments and quizzes ! Quite disturbing O.o

Anyhow , without further ado , and to breifly fill you in. School is going I dunno .. tough and awkward and weird and tiring but still good and so much fun. My supervisor is coming this week to see if I'm ruining the whole Saudi educational system or not .. Bahahahaaa ... fingers crossed! Half of my students are having crushes on me , and it's totally freaking me out and that's only on the grounds of 1)- I'm a nice freak and 2)- my students are a bunch of petite teenagers! It's like they run after me in the hallways and go like ' teacher Abrar .. we love you soooo much ' ' Ms.Abrar , you are so cuuuuute ' I smile clumsily at them while I whisper to myself ' Piss off you light minded ' and I go like " Gooosh , was I this annoying ????" I bet I was such a giant pain in the ass!!!

Speaking of crushes , I was in one of my classes the other day and the lesson was very exciting indeed , and I was jumping all over the place , and the students were thoroughly into it , .. and I spotted one of them who was clearly spaced out , I ignored her and after a few seconds we went in a deep silence as she-out of no where- let out " Teacher , are you American ?? " the whole class burst into laughters. It was hilarious xD I was asking myself  " What gave it away ????? " Think it's my accent :p heheheee It really reminded me of secondary school sweet days .. me having crushes on my teachers and other juvenile stuff :D

To add more rubbish , I'm gonna miss the Islamic and the Arabic groups soo much. They left the school this week coz their training period was over. They were filling the room with laughters and joy and the smell of Arabic coffee they used to fetch every morning. We truely going to miss them a big time ! Also , I'm sooooo loving my English group ; Manal , Asma , and Amal. They are great. So cooperative and helpful , and I was impressed by how good in English they are. I would've never asked for a better company. Al7amdu li Allah :)

For tonight , I was planning to watch Capitalism ; A Love Story once more , but I dunno O.o according to my awakened conscience compass that's been pointing North a lot lately , Moore might be the last person I wanna listen to! So, dunno how things're gonna go. I downloaded a new Russel Peters & Jerry Seinfeld's stand up comedy. Two episodes of Hell's Kitchen S07 , and I'm also waiting for the new episode of House M.D. to come out tonight ,  FTW ! I deserve a big treat , don't I ? One thing more , I really wanna read this book .. like soooooo badly :s

Stay tuned dear readers xoxo

P.S. Don't mind me please , I'm in such a good mood :p


IamSilla said...

awwww ur students r soooo adorable!!!!!


asmaa said...

first thanks for you to learn me what is the meaning of DID , then do you know when I read your writer I say me too me too

Abrar said...

Silla ,
Not really O.o

Asma ,
Not at all my dear. Always glad to fill you in with the most complicated disorders bahahhaaaa !
Yeah , and me too xD